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About Laura St. John

The person behind SOS:

Hello. I’m Laura St. John and have been organizing all of my life.  It all started way back when I could see that my mom needed lots of help.  She was going to college, working, and raising three kids alone.  I wanted to help her feel better and make her life easier.  So, I would clean out closets, reset cabinet items, put the pantry in alphabetical order and showed her ways how she could keep my system going.

I also liked to re-decorate my pink bedroom to match my Barbie Townhouse. I would rearrange and organize my own room to try and match Barbie’s place. It was great fun! I still consider that fun today and love to help others feel good about their home or office. To see the end product of my work is a great privilege.


With this fast-paced world, we all lead very busy lives. There is limited time to have the “everything-in-its-place” environment and some prefer others to do that for them. Having everything in order is an individual thing for each person and how their place of living or work functions. The whole goal is to have more freedom and be more relaxed.


I enjoy working with people and treat them like friends and family and get to know them, their lifestyle and needs then creating a plan that is functional.

I am a very creative person but with that I am also empathetic because I have been in your shoes. I try to work with what you have that is good while being encouraging and supportive. It has to be “doable” or it won’t work for you, your family, or your employees.

I will be thrilled to help you and I am also great working with kids because I have taught my own children how to keep their rooms looking good. Call me today and we can meet or chat. I will be happy to help you get a better night’s sleep knowing that your immediate circle of life is taken care of. Organization gives you more freedom and peace.  

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