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Hands On Organizing

The possibilities are endless with SOS

  • learn about various creative storage ideas

  • be less stressed and get a better night sleep

  • know where things are right away

  • teach children how to keep their spaces

  • keep workplaces efficient and functional

  • have more free time to relax and enjoy family and friends


Some examples of SOS services

  • Home-based business or offices

  • Kitchens, kitchens, kitchens

  • Bedrooms, kids rooms, and closets

  • Family rooms and basements

  • Garages and "man caves"

  • Workshops and utility areas

  • Estate sale organization

  • Laundry rooms or craft rooms

  • Workplace environments

  • Files and billing systems

  • Family scheduling and meal planning

  • Desk space

  • Vanity and makeup organizing

  • Decorating tips – staging, room flow, furniture setup

  • Supply closets

  • Packing or unpacking or setting up a new home

  • Organizing sentimental items like photos & memorabilia

  • Tailored program for your unique family or business

  • Furniture flow - help design a better flowing room space

  • Any that I left out?  Let me know 

  • FREE phone consultation to start

SOS can make a tailored program just for your unique family or business situation based on the initial consultation and interview.

Virtual Organizing

Image by Ben Collins

Virtual Organizing



Step by step...

  1. Send photos of your rooms

  2. We will talk weekly about the rooms and your goals

  3. Create a personalized program to fit your family and lifestyle

  4. Contact via text or email to help achieve what you want in a timely manner


What type of client is best for virtual?

  • open-minded and teachable

  • likes to work alone but just needs a little help

  • has a job or family life that needs flexible times to take on tasks

  • a tighter budget

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